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Cakes n more is a committed wholesale team providing a first class Australian distribution service from the Gold Coast, to QLD, NSW and ACT to independent supermarkets, and retailers, with a large range of biscuits, cakes and slices, muffins & confectionary products available

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The holidays with my family would have been totally different and even boring if it wasn't for your amazing desserts. Candies, cupcakes, macarons were simply unforgettable! The sweets are the best, especially with the great service and at affordable price. Thanks!

Maya28 y.o.

Beautiful designs, bright colors and wonderful taste! I loved the cupcakes that we ordered for my kids Birthay Party last month! The flavor and texture were fantastic! And it's not that just the kids loved them - we all had a couple for ourselves to enjoy and savour.

Susan32 y.o.

Every time I host a party or have a special occasion, your desserts are a regular part of it! Sweet, delicious and amazingly lightweight, they make everyone fall in love with it immediately. Thank you for your amazing job, I appreciate fast delivery and the cost!

Molly30 y.o.

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Biscuits, Cakes and Slices, Muffins and confectionary products available

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We supply a large range of products to our wholesale customers and also have our online store for public retail purchasing.

Inhouse Coffee Shop

Our 'Inhouse' Rawle St Coffee Shop is open to the public right here at our factory, visit today for a great coffee break.

Make Your Sweet Box

The final texture of sugar candy depends primarily on the sugar concentration. As the syrup is heated, it boils, water evaporates, the sugar concentration increases

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